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Learn about the innovative UM Technology Find out more about an Innovative Solution that has the potential to bring cost reductions to the entire solar PV value chain.

Efficient Polysilicon production for the solar semiconductor microelectronic industry.

Our Products

We are actively engaged in Projects that require heavy machinery and complex tools.

and Services

Solar Photovoltaics

Solar technology is fast approaching grid parity, and the innovations that are coming on stream will make it a significant source of renewable power in the years ahead.

Sustainable Development

We consider environmental and social factors such as the expected future costs of emitting CO2.

Know-How & Training

Our Know-How & Development services is an international full-service training solutions provider.

Finance & Investment

Our wide range of expertise in the solar industry and financial expertise ensures the long term economic viability of your solar project.

Project Development

Project development requires a strong foundation of knowledge and technical expertise.

Design & Engineering

We are helping to engineer with the next generation of polysilicon production plants.

Procurement & Construction

Project Procurement is one of our core services, helping to deliver our consulting, engineering excellence and construction services to our customers.

Operation & Maintenance

We partner with our customers to deliver the right combination of O&M services to match their capabilities and achieve their financial goals.

About Us

Valen-SI-a AG is a high technology engineering firm providing innovative project solutions to the solar industry and power generation markets. Our patented UM Technology achieves the full potential of the U-rod polysilicon manufacturing process, producing polysilicon of consistent quality and high purity and provide high-quality solar grade and semiconductor grade polysilicon raw materials. Learn More

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